Forty Days Of Prayer On Our Campuses

The 40 Days of Prayer- Aug 28th- Oct 6th, 2009

Facilitated by Campus Ministries and Churches Across The City On Campuses Everywhere

For six weeks last fall students from ministries and churches all over New York City prayed around the clock asking God to awaken hearts to his presence, draw people to himself, embolden outreach on campus, and reveal his glory.

Many ministries were blessed. For example, Intervarsity wrote a 40 Day prayer guide and reported more than 33 students people made decisions of faith during the month of September alone. That’s more than 1 new believer per day. Other ministries also reported an increase in fruit. Kind of reminds you of the book of Acts doesn’t it? “And day after day the Lord added to their numbers those who were being saved.” Acts 2:48.

Last spring over a thousand students from NYC gathered for One Cry at Times Square Church to cry out to God on behalf of NYC! One Cry drew together church and parachurch ministries committed to seeking God’s transformation on campus. It was a powerful night.

What if it’s just the beginning? What if God’s desire is to transform the campuses in NYC in our generation? What if we are at the beginning of a move of God that is greater than we imagine?

Would you pray? I’m praying that as we bring these what if prayers before God we might hear from heaven. I’m praying that in prayer we go from asking, "What if God would do something powerful and transformative?", to asking "Why not?" I’m praying for mission on campus to succeed, for lives to be transformed by gospel and campus to be made new.

Would you pray? Click here to download the free 40 Day Prayer Guide

Come join with students from churches and campus ministries across New York City to seek God for revival and transformation. We come together as a generation to repent and stand in the gap for our nation.

Join with NYC college students in praying together across the city for the next 40 days. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Come Lord Jesus, revive us and heal our campuses and our land.

Planning team members: Jeremy Story and Michael Dow- Campus Renewal Ministries, Jason Gaboury, Savina Kim, Patricia Pendergrass- Intervarsity, Todd Crews- Brooklyn Tabernacle, Charles Hammond- Nyack College, Otis Henderson- Christian Cultural Center, Michael Luciano- Calvary Baptist Church, Patrick Pierre- Times Square Church, Bryan Scott- Every Nation/MSNY, Tim Sigman- International Students Incorporated, Edgard Torres- Seekers Christian Fellowships...Plus many other college ministries and churches are participating.